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Only people in Papillion, Nebraska understand these things

monarchIf you’ve been living in Papillion your whole life or only for a short term, you’ll agree there are somethings only people in Papillion understand.

1. There is a distinct difference between Papillion South and Papillion La-Vista High Schools. Never get them mixed up; its a sure way to create an enemy, particularly with a local teenager. This school rivalry runs deep.

2.  We love our military families. Many military families who come to Papillion end up staying. With Offutt AFB so close, almost all Papillionites are connected to a branch of military by a parent, neighbor or spouse.  We support them, we are them.

3.  The Monarch Butterfly is majestic creature. The Monarch is not just the town mascot, the town is a habitat for them. We know how important milkweed is and we know what Migration Station is. We intend on passing our fascination with the butterfly down to our kids.

4.  Papillion Days is a holiday.  Please don’t ask us to work during Papillion Days Parade, if you do, we’ll have to call in sick – our kids have been planning their candy strategy since last year.  Also, there is nothing wrong with tailgating for a parade, even with 100 plus heat index


5.  Werner Park’s opening was the news of a lifetime. Our ball field is epic.  We’ve gone to a ballgame just to eat their legendary hot dogs. Our kids love to trick-or-treat at the ball field and Stormy is a local we’re obsessed with.

6.  We don’t feel so bad when the temperature freezes – because – Temperature Tuesdays at Runza.

7.  The printed word is alive. Ask us about Sump Memorial library. With a huge renovation, beautiful garden, tons of things for kids to do and librarians who will call your kids by name, our library is a legitimate place to hangout.

8.  If you make eye contact with someone, its mandatory to say hello. Its not weird, being friendly is a small town value. Besides, they aren’t really a stranger – didn’t you see them last week at church or was it at the PTO?

9.  We are going to run the mayor’s triathalon. Someday…

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