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Did we see a snowflake?

snowWhile they won’t specify how much we are getting, major news outlets are reporting that we are getting snow this week.  We, living in Papillion, know how to handle ourselves in the snow, but how ready are we this season?  With all the unseasonably warm weather, it really feels like this winter really snuck up on us.  We’ve shut off the sprinklers and had the furnace inspected (thanks to professionals who remind us regularly), but here comes the snow! Once the snow starts to stick, our least favorite winter activities will be upon us: shoveling, cold uncooperative cars, packed grocery stores and hyperactive kids and pets cooped up inside.

Sore backs from shoveling

Starting the back stretches now, plus its time to pull the snow blowers and shovels from our behind the bicycles and outdoor toys. This afternoon homeowners throughout Sarpy County are outside making sure the snow blowers are gassed up and operational for their debut of the year. We’ve started to wonder if we should book a visit to the chiropractor for later in the week because we can already feel the sore muscles. We should have paid attention to those early sidewalk sand sales too, perhaps there is some leftover from last year?

Who’s driving and where?

Time to take the cars in to ensure the vehicles are properly winterized.  At minimum, we’re headed out to ensure we have plenty of washer fluid and those all-weather tires look decent enough to last another year.  A professional check is always best.  We could tell you a story about not getting your battery checked every year, but we’ll save that for another day. Let the negotiations begin to share the household 4×4!

Grocery stores

Stores will be packed during peak hours – thank goodness for grocery delivery. There’s a good chance our eating-machine kids will be stuck inside if the school calls a snow day, so extra snacks and drinks will necessary. I just wrote down not to forget the hot cocoa for post snowman building and sledding. We wish you luck as you also prepare for the grocery store hustle.

The joy of a full house

Kids love snow days, parents not so much. We love our kids, we really do, but a snow day can go downhill pretty quickly. Particularly when parents are are trying to remote commute to work in the next room.  We’ll need craft paper, to dust off some puzzles and board games that haven’t been touched since summer break, and tons of batteries for those electronic games. Netflicks, order up!

However, it might not be all bad. Because while we’re shoveling, the kids are making snowmen with our piles of snow, we wave at the neighbors doing the same thing, and we start to remember just how great the season feels. Our cheeks are rosy from the cold or are we just a little extra warm inside from that Christmas merriment?  Because snow really does make it feel a little more like Christmas.

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