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The Holiday Fitness Oxymoron

cold-exerciseHoliday fitness seems like a complete oxymoron as those Christmas cookies and holiday chocolates pile up in our pantries.  How much is actually doable this time of year?  As the weather gets colder, we all struggle with making those healthy decisions.

Drink water

There’s lots of information on health benefits of drinking water but plainly – water is filling!  Most of the time, a craving can be avoided with drinking more water.  Are you really hungry or thirsty?  It’s easy to drink water in the summer when it’s hot, but if your skin is dry and you’re feeling hungry more often, you just might be thirsty. Give it water – at least that’s my mantra when I hear the leftover pie calling my name.

Eat healthy most of the time

Ok, so we gave into that pie. What now?  Eating healthy most of the time is the goal because afterall, this is the time to splurge.  Don’t give up when you’ve had a treat.  Eat healthy the rest of the day.  If you know you’re headed to a party with a ton of food temptation, save your treats for then.  If you’re not sure how much you’re adding up, tracking apps such as and do all the calculating for you.  When in doubt or in a bind, choose the most protein rich foods, the sugar this time of year is a killer!

Get outside when you can

Glancing out the window at winter wonderland, getting outside seems impossible.  But getting sunshine in, when possible, is extremely beneficial for fitness and mood.  If it’s not subzero – having fun in the snow or even a quick walk around a couple of blocks can make a big difference.  It hasn’t gotten too icy yet and parks are still open, hiking boots and thermal gear make walking around lakes and short hikes still enjoyable, but be prepared to go less distance and at a slower rate.

Get the workout over with

No way! Its too cold!  Let’s hit the gym!  The gym is the easiest way to start a routine, especially those gyms with late night, early morning or 24 hours of operation.  Working out early works for us.  Starting the day fresh, before we’ve had any bad choices, seems to work best. Get into the gym before work, with how fast its getting dark, it’s way too easy to blow off going to the gym entirely when we’re snug at home and it looks like midnight outside.

Enlist a workout buddy

Ugh, I can’t get up early.  Time to phone a friend!  When we can’t make it to the gym (due to the various 100 excuses we’ve been using all year), its time to make a commitment to another person.  So let’s grab the best friend, family member or sign up for a class!  And don’t wait until the New Year – gym sales might be better then, but how much can you accomplish between now and then? LOTS!

There are 36 days between Thanksgiving and New Years – every holiday we vow not put on weight this year. Lets make it an awesome time – I hope your feeling as recommitted as I am, then again, it looks pretty cold out there.

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