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Helping your Teen Study.

As I look at what my teen as brings home from school, I don’t remember my high school material being quite so difficult. Not only are they pounded with assignments such as speeches, essay papers and math-work, they are expected to learn and memorize materials for exams.  And let’s be honest, studying itself IS difficult.  It requires real dedication and silence of mind to learn and digest material on your own.  Teens have even more distractions than their parent’s generation: cell phones, longer and more intense sport commitments, endless supply of TV shows and social media.  In an age of instant everything, its even harder for this generation to bunker down and study!

We’ve created a list or checklist that teens can add to their daily routine. Help your teen build  up to 30 minutes of studious activity per day and add time until their grades or comfort level are where you mutually agree they should be.


  1. Review ALL of the notes you’ve taken every single day.
  2. Rewrite your notes, every single day; transfer them to nice handwriting or typing and commit them to a more permanent spot.
  3. Highlight the portions of your notes that seem most important.
  4. Underline the things you don’t understand. Go back to those things and research them.
  5. Write and update your “to-do” list for the week. Include sporting commitments and long term projects.
  6. Organize your notebooks and throw out trash. Use a hole puncher and highlight important parts of PAST assignments; you will need these for final exams.
  7. Create outlines, graphs, bullet points and venn diagrams to accompany your notes.
  8. Reread portions of your text book. Make bullet points ON PAPER of what you’ve just read in your text book
  9. Read unassigned portions of your textbook.
  10. Pretend to be the teacher and lecture over current material
  11. Read tomorrow’s assignment in your textbook. Prepare your questions.
  12. Copy portions of your text book neatly onto paper.
  13. Redo a test or assignment, even if you got 100%. Check your work to see if you got the same.
  14. Take time to memorize your notes.
  15. Turn your notes into flashcards, even if it’s not required for a test.
  16. Reorganize and rewrite your calendar, even of completed tasks.
  17. Write a summary of labs and practicals you did in class today.
  18. Finish and double check all assignments.
  19. Write and list the questions you think your teacher might ask on a quiz and make sure you can answer them.
  20. Write a quiz for yourself and take it during tomorrow’s study time.
  21. Reread and practice old material. Get ready for the final NOW!

As a parent, how do you help your teens to study?  Let us know below!

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